RD Enable XP

RD Enable XP 1.0

It connects to a remote computer with Windows XP Professional edition
1.0 (See all)

RD Enable XP allows you to connect to a remote computer with Windows XP Professional edition. To install the program you must unzip and run the "rd_enable_xp_v1" file. To use the program you have to know the IP address or name of the remote computer you are going to connect. Both computers must be connected to the network or internet (if you want to connect to a computer over the internet you need to know the public IP address). You need to have a valid account and administrator privileges on the remote computer, file and printer sharing must be enabled. Also you need to enable the "Remote Assistance" option marking "Allow Remote Assistance invitations to be sent from this computer" in the System Properties window. Optional you can use psexec to force firewall exceptions but you have to set the path of this file in the "options" window. The "Session Log" will show the time and action executed. After introducing the name or IP of the remote computer, click in the "Enable RD" button and it will try to connect testing local connectivity, TCP/IP, LAN, gateway, remote connectivity, and remote PC. If everything is ok it will connect the remote computer but if not "RD Enable failed" message will appear. In the options window you can set the remote desktop connection automatically, or prompt to start.

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  • You can connect to a remote computer even if it is not previously configured to accept remote desktop connections using psexec


  • Only computers with Microsoft windows XP professional edition can be connected
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